Overland Park and Leawood fire departments responded to a building fire at 142nd and Nall Avenue. The first units on the scene reported smoke and fire showing from the single-story building. (Email / Website ) 10.8.17 10:58

Karch, 12 years old at the time, was in a coma for three weeks after a car accident while driving with his grandfather in their hometown of Broken Arrow, Okla. It required six hours of surgery to reconstruct Karch's skull, and yet, miraculously, he woke up.If you remember his story from our November 2016 issue of the magazine, you'll recall Rory's role in helping Karch's recovery, as the four-time major winner sent the Karch family a video to share with Traden before he woke up. (Email / Website ) 10.8.17 10:58

I've been looking forward to this since I found out and to finally hit my first shot in tournament play was a really nervous moment, but it was everything that I hoped for.The round, also featuring five bogeys and one double, had Curry sitting 144th in the 156-man field late. (Email / Website ) 9.8.17 06:20

Other sponsors include Dr. Steve Childress; Mr. and Mrs. Hans Carstensen; Mr. Hank Dimlich; Glade Springs Resort; The Greenbrier Sporting Club; Hermitage Golf Course; and Lewis Automotive. (Email / Website ) 15.7.17 06:51

Jaja VannY...
musst noch megaa viel machen...
als ich meine hp neu hatte wie du immer gemacht hast...
ja du musst noch des machn und des...
aufjedenfall viel spaaß x)

Samantha ( / Website ) 20.3.08 18:56

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